We recently hosted our inaugural Maverick User Forum in Denver, CO for power users to network, learn about where InFocus is headed, and exchange ideas about what they’d like to see for future releases. We had a great turnout for the being the first event of its kind, and we are excited to make it a staple for years to come!

The Maverick User Forum in Denver covered a variety of topics, but one of the highlights was hearing from our founder and CEO Matt Pantana who gave a brief history of the company and laid out an overview of the InFocus product roadmap. You can see the video below or by clicking here. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re at it!

InFocus Analytic Dashboards

January 20th, 2017 is a big day. We’re not trying to steal anyone’s thunder, but we’re pretty sure the InFocus 2017.1 release should trump anything else that might be happening.

InFocus 2017 brings lots of exciting new features. One that we’re particularly excited about here at Clearview is the new Analytic Dashboards.

These days the ability to analyze your data for decision support has become a competitive requirement. But that’s harder to do than it sounds for a variety of reasons. So, when we first started planning Analytic Dashboards, we focused on three key goals that we felt were crucial.

First, we wanted non-technical users to be able to build great analytic dashboards. That meant the designer needed to be intuitive, powerful, and baked directly into InFocus.

Second, the data needed to be easily accessible. There are lots of tools out there to visualize data, but if connecting to your data is difficult, it can be a show stopper. So, we created Analytic Models. Analytic Models are “packaged” queries built specifically for InFocus Analytic Dashboards. A single Analytic Model could power scores of Analytic Dashboards.

Third, it had to be affordable. If you’re in the market, you might have noticed that many other business intelligence products require more of an investment than InFocus itself. At Clearview, we pride ourselves in adding new value with every release (43 and counting over the last 10 years). If you’re a Self-Hosted Client on our Maintenance Plan or you’re on InFocus Cloud, this will all be included in the InFocus you already own.

We truly appreciate your business and strive to make your investment in us pay-off continuously. We hope you will be as excited to use InFocus 2017 as we are.

Matt for The Clearview Team

Want to learn more?

For a more on what you can find in InFocus 2017, be sure to check out our Release Notes or join us next Tuesday for our free webinar, InFocus 2017: What’s New.

InFocus 2016 is here, bringing refined experience and performance. It also sets a foundation for infinite expandability through the upcoming InFocus Marketplace. Here are some highlights.

Streamlined Time & Expense + Mobile Approval
The most frequently used applets in InFocus—time and expense—have been streamlined for easier entry and browsing.

Notably, you can now approve and reject time sheets through our mobile/web interface…


Better Performance + New Gantt Chart
In addition to project performance improvements, InFocus 2016 introduces a new Gantt chart. It streamlines your ability to plan and order tasks, and provides feedback on the impact of scheduled items.

And Coming this May… InFocus Marketplace
InFocus is becoming even more powerful and easier to expand. New reports, invoices, dashboard widgets, utilities and third-party integrations will soon be a click away. InFocus Marketplace is almost here and InFocus 2016 is already made for it. Stay tuned.

Available Now
InFocus 2016 is available now on InFocus Cloud and on April 22, 2016 for InFocus In-House. We hope it helps AE firms be even more profitable and productive.

InFocus represents a breed of software that is best described as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP software is distinguished by its ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications. In the case of InFocus, these applications include: Accounting, Job Cost Management, Time and Billing, Resource Planning, Marketing Support, and Business Intelligence (BI).

These applications are fully integrated into InFocus rather than existing as a collection of loosely linked modules or third party add-ons.

The ability to deliver an integrated suite of applications is fundamental within the architecture of InFocus. ERP capacity was designed into the software from inception and incorporated into the original tables and scripted code. Ongoing development has assured that the software makes best use of the latest technologies and design approaches. Unlike many software products still marketed to the A&E design industry; InFocus is not the result of a cobbling of new modules and features onto a 1980’s legacy time and billing system.

Read More…

Releasing big features like ones found in InFocus 2015 is exciting. But it’s just as important to consistently release fixes and small improvements that help our clients work smarter. InFocus 2015.1.1 is one of those releases. It addresses small bugs, makes the UI behave more consistently across applets, and improves keyboard navigation.

Clients with access to Clearview Support can view the change log here.

We’re excited to announce InFocus 2015. With over 200 new features, fixes and refinements, it’s a big release. Almost everything we’ve done is in response to a client survey given a few months ago. In particular, clients told us they needed easier reporting, faster loading in key areas and a more cohesive user experience. InFocus 2015 delivers that and a lot more.

ReportBuilder: A Faster and Easier Way to Meaningful Reports

Building reports can be painful. It often requires using antiquated design tools and complex SQL queries. ReportBuilder fixes that. It’s a slick tool that allows anyone to design in minutes what normally takes a report professional hours. It’s better shown than talked about, so watch this video to see how it works.

Dashboard Layouts
With InFocus 2015 we’ve made the InFocus Dashboard the most powerful in the industry. In addition to six new chart types and cleaner presentation, we’ve developed a new Data-Grid Widget (Gridget) that allows you to interact with your data in an Excel-like, editable grid. Gridgets can be used to drive charts, workflows and other processes—all from your Dashboard.

What’s more, InFocus 2015 offers unlimited dashboard layouts. Create one dashboard with graphs for high-level firm metrics, another for viewing everyone’s timesheets, and another for recent AP and AR transactions.

InFocus Dashboard

Faster and More Streamlined User Experience
There are a lot of details in InFocus 2015 that add up to a more productive experience. In some key areas like PA and PM Bill Review, record loading speed has been dramatically improved.

We’ve also streamlined the overall interface to help you get where you need to go quicker. For example, clients and projects are now links within grids and lookups. If you’re in the Sales Journal, one click gets you to the detail screen of the client or project. And with split tabs you can easily do side by side comparison and reporting.

InFocus 2.1 Split Tabs

Lots more…
There are dozens of other improvements. Here are just a few more of our favorites:

  • Export from any grid to more formats: Excel, CSV, Word, HTML, PDF
  • Reports windows can remain open in the background while working with InFocus
  • Lookups have been expanded to include key search fields like Invoice Number and  Check Number. For example, in Sales Journal start typing an Invoice Number or SJID and results appear immediately.

If you are a client at Clearview with support site access, check out the Release Notes for more details. We hope InFocus 2015 makes you even more productive in 2015.

We’re excited to release InFocus 2, the culmination of months of effort. It includes some of our most requested features as well as some new ones we think you’ll love. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new.

Project Central

Up to this point managing projects in InFocus involved going to several different applets. No longer. Project Central brings everything together in one streamlined place to view project metrics and manage project budget and resources. Check out the video below to see it in action.


Multi-currency is now built into InFocus at a fundamental level. Every journal entry, invoice and budget can now be specified in your currency of choice. You can set when you want the currency evaluation to occur and InFocus takes care of the rest. Wherever you do business InFocus is there for you.

Actions (Automated Workflow)

Actions take the power of custom reports and unlocks it to do just about anything. You can use actions to interact with third-party systems or automate complex workflows. There are also hooks throughout the system that allow you to trigger an action when almost anything–clients, vendors, projects–is created or updated. Read more about Actions

InFocus Workflow Actions

Fresh New User Interface (UI)

The new interface is cleaner, more professional, and a pleasure to use.


Mobile Update—Now Attach Receipts On The Go

Keeping track of expenses with InFocus is easier than ever. Mobile Time & Expense now supports attaching images to your expense sheet directly from your device. Just add a line item, snap a photo, and you’re done.

And Lots of Details That Make InFocus More Powerful Than Ever

If you are a client at Clearview with support site access, check out the Release Notes for more details. We hope you’ll find this InFocus to be the most powerful version yet.

We’re pleased to announce InFocus 1.4.7, one of our most exciting releases yet. It’s full of improvements, enhancements, features and fixes that we think you’ll really enjoy. Here are some highlights:

Mobile Time & Expense. InFocus now includes a mobile optimized web app that works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Since it’s browser based, you can also access it from any modern browser on Mac or Windows, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 9+.

iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile Time and Expense

Custom Screens. You can now customize the layout of fields, field requirements, UDF placement, tabs, sections, and labels in the following applets: Firms, Contacts, Opportunities, Clients, Vendors, Employees, and Projects.

Maps. Yes, maps! With our new Bing powered Map Viewer, you can write and run queries that plot on a map. You could, for example, view the location of larger prospects. Seeing is believing on this one, so look for a video tutorial.

And while not a feature of InFocus, there’s one more thing worth mentioning:

Brand New Online Support Center. With the launch of 1.4.7 we’ve created an entirely new Clearview Support site with easier ticket management, InFocus FAQs, expanded video tutorials and a complete invoice history. It looks and works great on your mobile device, too.

We’re only scratching the surface. InFocus 1.4.7 includes dozens of improvements and fixes. Clients can see a complete list of them and instructions on how to upgrade in the InFocus 1.4.7 Release Notes (Clearview Support account required to view).

We’re excited to announce InFocus in the Cloud, available immediately starting at an amazing price: $19/user/month. This is a perfect fit for any firm that doesn’t want to maintain their own servers for running InFocus. Or for firms who simply want the convenience and peace of mind of letting us take care of the infrastructure and backups.

InFocus in the Cloud isn’t a watered down version. It’s the full-blown native Windows application with all features*. So you get the speed and power of a desktop app without having to worry about the backend infrastructure.  And it’s always up-to-date. InFocus automatically updates itself without the need to manually run an installer.

We expect InFocus in the Cloud to be a hit with lots of AE firms.

So what’s next at Clearview? We’re bringing the most common functionality of InFocus, like time and expense, to all platforms and mobile devices. These HTML5 web apps will be released in the coming months for both InFocus in the Cloud and InFocus In-House.

*Document management will be available in the Cloud with the next release of InFocus