Hundreds of A&E firms of all sizes rely on InFocus to run their business.

250+ Person Firm Smoothly Transitions to Clearview from Legacy ERP Software
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With Clearview, MRCE has modernized billing processes and increased productivity
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ZAS Architects + Interiors streamlines end-of-cycle accounting and timesheet processes
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Who Uses InFocus? Here's a Small Sampling:

  • Northeast
  • Ashley McGraw Architects
  • Benchmark
  • Bridgemedica
  • Clarke Caton Hintz
  • Code Red Consultants
  • EBA Ernest Bland Associates, P.C.
  • Environetics-NY
  • Garden State Engineering Surveying and Planning
  • Gawron Turgeon Architects
  • Gertler & Wente Architects LLP
  • Gilmore and Associates, Inc.
  • King and King Architects LLP
  • Princeton Hydro, LLC
  • Resource Control Associates, Inc.
  • S.W. Cole Engineering Inc.
  • Saccoccio Associates
  • Sam Schwartz Engineering
  • SGC Engineering, LLC
  • SK&I Architectural Design Group, L.L.C.
  • Tecton Architects, Inc.
  • The Berkshire Design Group
  • The EADS Group
  • Vision 3 Architects
  • Southeast
  • Adache Group Architects, LLC
  • American Forest Management, Inc.
  • Blue Ridge Architects
  • Dalgliesh, Gilpin & Paxton, PLLC
  • Furlow Associates, Inc.
  • Hart and Hickman PC
  • Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.
  • Larson & McGowin, Inc.
  • LBYD, Inc.
  • United Engineering, Inc.
  • Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.
  • West
  • Applegate Group, Inc.
  • Clarion Associates
  • F.R. Bell & Associates, Inc.
  • Kinney Engineering, LLC
  • Larry Walker Associates
  • Leighton Group, Inc.
  • Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc.
  • O'Neill Service Group, LLC
  • Project Design Consultants
  • Telesto Solutions Inc.
  • Tenant Planning Services, Inc.
  • Southwest
  • Delta Systems Engineering, Inc.
  • Estudio Architecture
  • Graeber Simmons and Cowan, Inc.
  • The Wallace Group, Inc.
  • Womack + Hampton Architects, L.L.C.
  • Midwest
  • Building Technology Associates
  • Davis Architectural Group
  • Ducker Worldwide, LLC
  • KA Architects
  • Martenson & Eisele, Inc.
  • Mattson, Macdonald, Young, Inc.
  • MJ Engineering
  • Ochsner Hare & Hare
  • Pavia-Marting & Co.
  • The Kleingers Group
  • Zepnick Solutions, Inc.
  • Canada
  • Crossey Engineering
  • Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc.
  • Greystone Design Group, Inc.
  • Nemetz (S/A) & Associates LTD
  • Pelican Woodcliff Inc.
  • Runge & Associates Inc.
  • Turner Fleischer Architects, Inc.
  • Witzel Dyce Engineering Inc.
  • ZAS Architects + Interiors

Client Testimonials

With over 25 years working as a CFO, this is the most stable financial reporting/ERP system I have worked with.We evaluated what we regarded as the most robust financial reporting/ERP systems on the market and chose InFocus for several reasons. It is technologically superior that its peer group (many of which are updated batch and post systems). InFocus was far and away the best choice when comparing features versus cost.
George Garrett O'Neill Service Group
Clearview listens to the needs of the user and makes changes and improvements to the software to keep evolving with their clients.
Vicki Schreckengost Wetland Studies and Solutions
InFocus effectively keeps track of Paid Time Off. When all Timesheets have been submitted, we run the Benefit Accruals tool. An employee can view their PTO while in their current Timesheet anytime. And setting up and working with Project Budgets is a breeze in the Project Planning module.
Kathryn S. Weeks Kathryn S. Weeks Gawron Turgeon Architects
As a mid-sized architectural design firm, we have found Clearview InFocus to be the best integrated accounting and project management software on the market. We migrated to InFocus in May 2010 after using two previous industry specific applications, which never performed as promised. The transition to InFocus was well managed and painless. InFocus is highly flexible and easy to learn and use. It is especially forgiving of input errors, with mistakes easily reversed or voided. As designers of large and highly complex institutional projects, we have sophisticated client invoicing needs. InFocus offers every conceivable billing scenario and allows for multiple billing types on the same project.
Deborah Rhea Deborah Rhea Ashley McGraw Architects
Since we started using InFocus in 2010, our billing time has improved, as well as our overall record keeping. Project phase and task flexibility makes it easier to customize billing invoices to our clients.
Barbara Prichard DGP Architects
The project leaders are very impressed with the ability and integration of the software—it will definitely make their jobs easier to manage. Currently, we are using multiple excel spreadsheets where Clearview has it all at a keystroke!
Debbie Krabiel Debbie Krabiel Ochsner Hare & Hare
With our wide variety of projects, billing rates and frequency of billing, invoicing in Quickbooks was a nightmare. Moving to InFocus has reduced our weekly invoicing time from an entire day to two hours and increased the percentage of work billed.
Richard Wand Richard Wand MJ Engineering & Consulting
Clearview InFocus has proven to be a great fit for our small company! We were using Deltek Vision and the yearly maintenance fees were becoming way too costly for us, so we decided to go with Clearview’s very reasonably priced Cloud solution. Clearview provided us with a seamless conversion to InFocus. We now have a more user friendly, more efficient software that provides us with a cost savings! WIN-WIN-WIN!”
Mary Boyd Mary Boyd Furlow Associates