Clearview helps AE firms be more profitable by making great software and supporting it long-term.

Our Story

In 2007, a group of A/E and software veterans (that’s us) noticed that many A/E firms were being treated as cash cows. We imagined a different world – one where A/E firms weren’t forced to accept clunky, unsupported, overpriced ERP systems with no attractive upgrade paths. Clearview Software and our sole solution, InFocus, was born out of our desire to reimagine excellence in the A/E software space. After our initial launch, we quickly learned that many people were willing to join us in rejecting the status quo, and as a result we’ve seen consistent organic growth year over year. Today, InFocus is the most powerful ERP solution available for A/E.

Our tagline “better company, better software” embodies our belief that when you have better software, you can be a better company. Additionally, we take pride in making better software because being founder-and-developer led means our only vested interest is the success of our clients. We are committed and passionate about developing and supporting our solution by listening closely to the needs and ideas of our clients, believing that A/E firms should never have to choose between performance and value. 


Our Leadership

J. Matthew Pantana, President & CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO of Clearview Software, Matt is charged with the mission of building world class solutions that deliver Return-On-Investment through Automation, Analytics, and Awareness. Matt heads the team at Clearview that serves over 25,000 users in North & South America. Prior to becoming CEO, Matt was the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

Kevin F. Connelly, CIO

As Co-Founder and CIO, Kevin is our business architect and domain expert. For the past 30 years, Kevin has designed enterprise-level software systems. Previous clients include Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Robin S. Wintz CPA/ABV, CFO

Rob brings over 30 years of financial accounting and job cost expertise to Clearview. His experience includes national level auditing, business valuation and database systems consulting. Since the early 1990′s, Rob has worked almost exclusively with AE firms. As a result, he understands the industry, and how firms can best implement their software to increase value.