Full, real-time accounting that makes you and your accountant happy.

Real-Time or Batch Entry

Make and adjust entries without ever posting a reverse or adjusting entry. Our unique IBRES technology does all the work for you automatically. InFocus also accommodates batch entries.

Simultaneous Cash and Accrual

Operate your books using standard accrual methods and run general ledger reports and financial statements in their cash-based accounting equivalent. You also have the flexibility to override the automated conversion with designated journal adjustment entries.

Pay When Paid Reporting

Sometimes referred to as consultant tracking, this enables you to determine when to pay a consultant. It cross-references A/R and A/P to show you what has transpired and advise you on what can be paid out.

Recurring Journal Entries

Journals support not only recurring entries but also can be tagged as bookmarks. This makes recalling entries to the screen easy.

Multi-Company and Unlimited Levels of Corporate Hierarchy

InFocus supports functionality for multi-company enterprises. Establish as many companies, divisions, offices, departments, work groups or profit centers as your business needs. Track the overall health and status of your organizational units with financial reporting, profitability analytics, and more.


Multi-currency is built into InFocus at a fundamental level. Every journal entry, invoice and budget can be specified in a currency of your choice. You can set when you want the currency evaluation to occur and InFocus takes care of the rest.

Labor Distribution

Post your direct and indirect costs from time entry to your general ledger. Labor can be allocated at raw cost, or in the case of cross charges, burden or bill rates can be used. InFocus automatically shows accounts by project, organizational unit, staff type, or employee exempt status and posts adjustments based on labor changes to prior periods. Sub-contractors who enter timesheets are tracked separately.

DCAA Compliant Accounting

InFocus provides firms with the requisite solid foundation of an accounting system that must operate within Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliancy requirements.