Actions (Automated Workflow)

Actions take the power of custom reports and unlocks it to do just about anything. You can use actions to interact with third-party systems or automate complex workflows. There are also hooks throughout the system that allow you to trigger an action when almost anything–clients, vendors, projects–is created or updated.

InFocus Workflow Actions

Because Actions are so powerful it’s easier explained through examples. Here are a few of the endless ways you could use Actions:

  • Interact with a third-party system. For example, trigger an export to a project information management system whenever a project is created, or pull in information from a web-based time-tracking app.
  • Simplify multi-step processes. For example, InFocus 2 comes with a “Refund Retainer” action. Run it, specify who and how much and you’re done. Use one of the many built-in Actions or create your own and then put it on your Dashboard for quick access.
  • Add prompts or other actions for specific business rules. For example, display a prompt that says “This timesheet isn’t over 40 hours, are you sure you want to submit it with overtime?”

Actions are SQL-based, so there is an immense amount of flexibility and power. Take them and run with them, or book someone on our team to write one for your firm.