Automations (Actions)

InFocus Actions are used for customizing and automating complex in your business. You can use Actions to eliminate manual tasks, validate data entry, send important notifications, and much more. There are also hooks throughout the system that allow you to trigger Actions when records are created or updated. Actions can leverage widely used SQL and Powershell scripting languages. 

InFocus Workflow Actions

 Here are a few examples:

  • Flows: Simplify multi-step processes with wizard-type Actions. An InFocus Flow can guide users through entering specific data to update or create new records. Eliminate the need to train users on different applet screens by prompting them for the data you need.
  • Validations: Add prompts and warnings to validate data entry. Prevent errors and manual error checking. Employee timesheets can notify users of errors on submission with prompts like  “This timesheet isn’t over 40 hours, are you sure you want to submit it with overtime?”
  • Integrations: Interact with external systems. Allow staff to get right to work by automatically creating project data folders on a network or cloud data share when a new project record is opened in InFocus.

 Use one of the many built-in Actions or create your own.