Simple Billing, Powerful Results

Flexible Invoice Designer

Our unique invoice design wizard makes handling most industry standard formats a breeze. Invoice designs can separate labor, expense, and consultant charges. It allows multiple print versions of the same charge type on the same invoice, great for some government invoices.

Invoice Templates

Invoice designs use templates so one change can effect many designs. Add logos, include statements of accounts, and print summaries are just a few of the things that can be accomplished.


Fast and Effective Billing-Adjustment Module

The billing adjustment wizard makes invoice adjustment a snap. Adjustments can be directed by online project manager remarks. All adjustments can be made in the wizard eliminating the need to bounce between screens. Projects can be filtered in numerous ways including project manager, project accountant, principal, client and billing group. You can even bill throughout the month rather then just end of the month.

Support for All Major Industry Contract Metrics

Cost Plus, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Phase Fixed Fee, Lump Sum, Time and Material, and Multi-scheduled are just some of the contract styles that are supported.

Multiple Projects on a Single Invoice

Design cover sheets that summary multiple project billings and tie them together neatly under a single invoice. Each project can still have its own invoice format.

Print Expense-Only Invoices

Sometimes you just need to get the expenses invoiced. InFocus supports invoicing your labor charges separate from other charges.