Visualize your firm's most vital information.

Analytic Dashboards

Analytic Dashboards use rich data visualizations allowing you to perform business analysis and gain powerful insights into your data which were previously only possible through third-party software. With InFocus’ easy-to-use designer, use Charts, Grids, Maps, etc. to dynamically filter and interact with your data – all in real-time. With Analytics Dashboards you could for example:

  • See which projects are most profitable and which are losing money
  • Compare performance of PICs or PMs across all their projects
  • Visually drill-down and pivot data, providing an otherwise difficult to see perspective
  • View Utilization across departments with running trend lines


Classic Dashboards


If you’re looking to visualize data, Analytics Dashboards might be a better fit. But if you need to edit and manipulate data, Classic Dashboards allow you to augment InFocus and streamline common activities with a powerful tool called Gridgets.

A Gridget allows you to interact with your data in an Excel-like, editable grid right from the dashboard. Data in a Gridget is interactive, enabling you to click through on a project or client to see the details. You can even use Gridgets to drive other dashboard charts and workflows. For instance, receive an alert when a project goes over budget or when Receivables go past due. Alternatively, many reports in InFocus can be run directly from Classic Dashboards and Gridgets, allow you to display- even update- data through a dynamic grid.