Visualize your firm's most vital information.

Analytics Dashboards: Business Intelligence Within Reach


New in InFocus 2017, Analytics Dashboards provide deep business insights possible previously only through third-party software. With Analytics Dashboards you could for example:

  • See which projects are most profitable and which are losing money
  • Compare performance of PICs or PMs across all their projects
  • Visually drill-down and pivot data, providing an otherwise difficult to see perspective

Classic Dashboards: Build Your Firm’s Custom Control Center


If you’re looking to visualize data, Analytics Dashboards might be a better fit. But if you need to edit and manipulate data, Classic Dashboards have a powerful tool called Gridgets.

A Gridget allows you to interact with your data in an Excel-like, editable grid right from the dashboard. Data in a Gridget is interactive, allowing you to click through on a project or client to see the details. You can even use Gridgets to drive other dashboard charts and workflows.