Project Planning

Baseline and Working Plans

Start out with a baseline line plan and then freeze it when the project goes active. You can also refreeze the active plan to the baseline at any point in time.

Schedule and Allocate to Employees and/or Job Title

Allocate project budget to job titles (e.g. senior architect, Engineer II etc.). Then schedule the allocation to various employees through our scheduling wizard. Time can be front-loaded, back-loaded or straight lined. Afterwards use the drag and drop Outlook-like calendar to fine tune the schedule.

Budget by Pay, Burden or Bill Amounts

Your project plan can be budgeted based on any of three rate types. Default rates or flexible rate schedules can be utilized. Monitor actual project metrics right in the same screen.

Interactive Gantt Control

InFocus comes with an interactive Gantt control much like Microsoft Project. When a task start date slides out six weeks simply click the task bar and drag it to extend. All schedule resources are automatically moved with it. For critical path you can set and view task dependencies.


Tight Integration with Project Management

Most systems are loosely coupled with the accounting/project management components and require mapping of codes between the two modules. With InFocus, project plans are actual projects and can dynamically be altered even in the midst of an active project. Security can be employed to allow the sharing of the administration of the work breakdown structure between accounting and project managers. Set upper levels of the work breakdown structure that deal with client deliverables under the supervision of the accountants while giving administration of the lower levels to project managers. Gone are the days of project management being controlled by the accounting department.