Time & Expense

Capture time and expenses when and where they happen.

iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile Time and Expense


InFocus offers a mobile-optimized time and expense web app for your iOS, Android, or Windows 8 phone. Now enter time and expense sheets— even review and approve, wherever you go.


Support Any Period of Time

InFocus time and expense entry adapts to your business. Use standard defined weekly, biweekly or semimonthly layouts or customize for any date range.


Built in Stopwatch Timer

A timer built into each row of a current timesheet makes tracking time easier and more accurate.

Unlimited Length Comments

Comments can be made for individual entries per day or across an entire timesheet period.

View Billable Ratios

View target, billable and direct utilization numbers for current timesheet, current month and year-to-date.

Multi-level Approval Process

Assign timesheet and alternate timesheet approvers to individual employees. A second level approval is also assigned to accounting personnel. Time and expense entries can be accepted or rejected and a log is kept when and by whom the sheet was approved.

Immediate Availability of Data

As soon as an employee hits save, even before the timesheet is finalized, the hours and dollars can optionally appear on project management reports.

Entry By Work-order and/or Standard Timesheet

Enter time via the familiar timesheet invoice or directly against a work order. Any time entered against the work order will also appear in the timesheet.

Customize Columns

Don’t need a status column? No problem. You can quickly change what columns users see through system settings.

Overtime Codes

When entering overtime, you now have the option of selecting up to 4 overtime codes for that time entry.

Define Standard Projects

Designate projects that should automatically appear on time and expense sheets. Typically, these would be overhead projects such as sick time or vacation.

Easily Add Recent Projects

Do you find yourself working on the same projects week to week? With InFocus, you can easily add the projects you work on the most to your timesheet.


Snippets are standard Time and Expense Sheet comments that can be saved for future use.  You are able to use system variables to return dynamic text in a comment.

Comment Templates

Comment templates are now available for both Time and Expense sheets.  Comment templates prompt users for specific data.