Dear InFocus Clients,

As we reflect upon 2018 and look to the future, we’d like to extend a huge thank you for entrusting us with your business. We hope you will take a moment to be reminded of our commitment to you and join our enthusiasm for the future as we reiterate why we’re here and where we’re headed. Great things are coming!

Why We’re Here

InFocus was built and launched as a solution to multiple unaddressed problems we saw in A/E products at the time. Legacy ERP systems were clunky, unsupported, and overpriced with no attractive upgrade paths. Because the companies who made these products controlled the market, they consistently hiked prices with little to no product improvement while selling stories about the brilliance of their “next release” or “next try.” Sadly, many firms were forced to accept mediocrity at high prices because there existed few alternatives, especially for enterprise firms. Instead of being treated as valuable people doing valuable work, A/E firms were being treated as cash cows.

We imagined a different world – one where instead of being herded around, A/E firms asked themselves, “What should an ERP solution actually cost?” , “What should we expect for support and innovation?”, “When should we leave ERP providers that are underperforming?” “Why should we wait for future promises?” Thus, InFocus was born out of our desire to change the A/E industry’s perspective on what excellence means. After our initial launch in 2007, we quickly learned that many people were willing to join us in rejecting the status quo. As a result, we’ve seen consistent organic growth year over year since our inception – including 41% growth in 2018.

Where We’re Headed

As we look ahead to 2019 and beyond, we’d like to share three pillars that will come to define our next season of growth:

  • Product Development. We have had 47 releases in the past decade. This level of development is unmatched in our industry. With innovation as one of our core values, we remain committed to improving InFocus with more API integrations and user interface enhancements.
  • Market Awareness. Being developer owned and led means our efforts have been largely focused on developing and supporting InFocus, leading us to grow organically through referrals and word-of-mouth. We recently hired a full-time marketing manager to help us spread the word about InFocus through attendance at industry events and other various marketing channels.
  • User Engagement. We’ve offered ongoing training through workshops and monthly webinars. Because fostering a sense of community and ownership among our user base is important to us, we will build upon what we’ve established by cultivating a network of local in-person user groups, a national power user group for innovating firms, and more in-depth monthly webinars.  January will see the launch of two new such webinars:
    • InFocus Adoption with Pam Ingram: Pam will draw on her 25+ years of experience in organizational leadership to teach on topics related to building buy in and user adoption around the implementation of InFocus. The first one will be January 24th. Register here.

    • InFocus Innovation with Gerald Cox: Gerald will use his extensive knowledge of both the A/E industry and InFocus to dive into the power of the InFocus ‘engine’ and how its superior technological capabilities – like the API management layer for integrations and analytic dashboards – can drive innovation. This webinar will be ideal for technical team members and/or those that want to learn more about what’s possible with InFocus. The first one will be January 9th. Register here.

      We will be renaming our current learning webinar to “InFocus Applied with Lucas Hayden”; it will still be centered around mastering the basic functions of InFocus and will be ideal for all users. The next one will be January 17th. Register here.

Our Commitment to You

At Clearview, we are passionate about what we do. We are led by developers, not by business people or venture capital firms, which means our only vested interest is your success. Our desire has always been for our clients to feel respected and pay fairly, knowing that they don’t have to choose between performance and value. We’ve committed ourselves to listening closely to your needs and ideas, and will continue to do so.

We will always listen to you, and we will always innovate and support you the best way we can. We value your feedback and we take it seriously, believing you should always feel you made the right decision by choosing InFocus.

Thank you again for entrusting us with your business. We are excited about all that’s to come in the life and journey of Clearview Software and we are thankful to have such a wonderful group of people sharing it with us. Buckle up – the best is yet to come!

Matt Pantana, CEO

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