There are few efforts more important than cultivating your team. In a distributed team environment, you have to be creative about how you bring staff together around the ideas and goals that fuel your corporate vision. This is especially true during periods of growth.

In just over a year at Clearview, our team has grown by 25%. So, when it came to planning this year’s staff retreat, we focused heavily on promoting our values and culture.

For Clearview, the culture has always been organic. We are friends outside of work, know the names of each other’s kids and stop by to visit out-of-town team members on family vacations. This naturally informed the events and activities we planned and made for a great weekend together. Here were two of the principles that guided our planning:

Cultivate Company Culture

We held our retreat at our main offices in Central Virginia, where about half the team is located. We place a high value on getting face time with our out-of-town staff. To promote this, we planned time for in-office collaboration as well as a couple of outside activities- including an afternoon corn-hole tournament and cookout in beautiful Bedford County. This created opportunities for employees to bond, build trust, and have fun.

Everyone has a Voice

In addition to vision casting and department updates, we made full-staff sessions interactive and built in time for people to share kudos and appreciation for each other and the company as a whole. We know that good ideas can come from anywhere. After our retreat, we listened to feedback on various aspects of our time and will use ideas for planning in the future.

The feedback from our employees indicated that our time together felt like family time. One employee had this to say,

“I am extremely proud to be a part of the Clearview Team. The wonderful culture is present whether at the office working with customers or eating BBQ, laughing and competing at our first annual corn-hole tournament out at the farm. Time to start practicing for next year!”

As Clearview continues to grow, we’ll be excited to share the journey.

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Lucas Hayden

Lucas leads product Education and Documentation.

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